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Escalade Academy
23832 Rockfield Blvd, Suite 180, Lake Forest, CA, 92630
Phone: 949-583-1486
Non-profit 501(c)(3) Fed TaxID # 74-3102912


"The gift of teaching is only successful when you can identify the true gifts of ability inherent within each student."
                                                                        Sister Paula Jane Tupa

Sister Paula Jane Tupa:    Teacher and diagnostician who has a long history of giving children, teens and adults with learning disabilities hope for the future.
Sister Paula Jane Tupa has an uncanny ability to figure out why a child, a teenager or even an adult doesn’t learn.  The learning disabled person may have any of the variety of learning disabilities: dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, sensory motor, non-verbal learning disorders – each requiring specific remediation.  Many of these individuals go through life struggling to become like others, but fail to do so.  Starting with children who go to school for six to eight years but do not learn to read, write, or calculate to adults, who after 50 years still can’t read, can’t spell, can’t calculate – this is where Sister Paula Jane comes to their rescue.  After a simple diagnosis, she knows what to do.  That is, start where they are, not where one thinks they should be.

Diagnostic and Remediation Center

Personalized Education

Private school and Tutoring                  

Escalade Academy provides a learning environment for children and adults
who are unable to achieve success in conventional systems:
-   Learning Disabilities
      * Dyslexia
      * Dyspraxia
      * Dyscalculia
      * Non-verbal learners
-   Attention Deficits
-   Sensory Motor
-   Asperger Syndrome
-   High Functioning
-   Giftedness
-   Foreign Language

Escalade Academy

provides the forward thrust that every child deserves in order to develop his/her God-given talents.  Escalade starts where the person IS and reaches higher.  It is an Orange County-wide private learning haven of choice, staffed by experienced credentialed teachers.  The school utilizes the following programs and activities:
- Individual instruction,
    sensory motor skills
- Individual instruction,
    grapho-motor skills
- Individual instruction,
    academic subjects
- Intervention for learning problems using one or more of the following methods:
     * Lindamood-Bell®
     * Project Read
     * Slingerland
     * Brain Gym
     * Singapore Math

Escalade Academy • 23832 Rockfield Blvd, Suite 180 • Lake Forest, CA • 92630
Phone: 949-583-1486 • email:
501(c)(3) Non-profit federal I.D # 74-3102912
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